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MPF Composite Warming Palette

MPF Composite Warming Palette

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Introducing the first ever MPF Composite Warming Palette. This unique innovation has been designed to bring the composite to a more malleable consistency which assists the user in manipulating the composite when restoring small or long span restorations especially when the need for extensive gingival adaptation in hybrid cases is required. The palette case has been created from a polycarbonate material that is called “Makrolon”, and has stable UV properties that prevents direct UV light from polymerizing the composite within the tray. Furthermore, the lid of the palette box has the ability to remain open at any height you desire, in order to prevent direct light from your laboratory surroundings.

The glass plate is warmed via an element adhered to the bottom of the glass plate which is connected via a plastic connector that is connected to the electronics on the main body of the palette. The glass plate is 6mm thick, to avoid the risk of breaking at different temperatures.

The palette features an On/Off button on the top right of the inner palette. The same button can change the temperature LCD display from Celsius to Fahrenheit by simply clicking it. When holding down the On/Off for 3 seconds the palette turns Off.

The LCD display depicts the temperature of the actual glass plate either in Celsius or Fahrenheit and can be risen or lowered via the +| - buttons. When the desired temperature has been chosen, the palette will need a few minutes in order to reach the desired temperature levels.

The palette comes with a blade scraper which is used to clear the glass plate of composite debris without scratching the glass surface. Once the composite reminisce is removed from the glass with the scraper , the glass surface can be wiped down with a clean paper towel and alcohol to clean the s

The palette will automatically turn off after 5 hours in case the unit has been left on by mistake.

Includes: Power plug cable, blade scraper.

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