MPF Zirco Cera GSS

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The GSS Series are a diamond impregnated rotary instrument of the highest quality, they boast a very high content of industrial diamond, bound together with a special ceramic binder. The GSS Series rotary instruments have extraordinary abrasive ability, they can cut through Zirconia with a minimal amount of pressure, this alleviates the chances of micro fractures within the Zirconia substructure.

GSS Series have the ability to cut all types of ceramic material with great ease, and due to the fine grain.

Industrial diamond and special binder, the ceramic surface is left with a smooth, clean finish.

Due to the composition of the diamond to binder ratio, the GSS Series boasts a very high service life, ergonomically it is by far the best solution for the ceramist today!

RPM 12.000 - 15.000