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Diamond impregnated discs for zirconia
abrasion. Designed to generate minimal heat.

Zirconia has become very popular in the dental industry in the past few years and its growing day by day.Due to zirconias hardness and sensativity to heat, there was a great need for a rotary instrument that could cut and abrade this material with a minimum of heat generation as possible.
We have created a rotary instrument with a very high content of fine diamond particle which has been bonded with special binders that hold all the elements together, creating a superb Zirconia cutting material with exceptional life span, 2-3 times more life than any product on the market today. With our high content of diamond particle our product can cut and abrade with very little pressure needed from the handpiece, thus much less heat generation to the zirconia substructure.
Utilizing stainless iron mandrels for extra strength we guarantee a very high end looking and functioning product.
We have laser printed onto our shanks for specific marking & branding for this exclusive product line.

RPM 12.000 - 15.000